OUR LEAD DESIGNER, KERRYN BAILEY has spent the last 7 years helping countless customers beautify their homes. When she decided to open KITCHENS & INTERIORS, we made it our focus to offer the best finishes, along with exceptional quality at an affordable rate.

Our individual customer service ensures that the best attention is given to YOUR project from start to finish. This starts off with a consultation at your home where the space is measured, and all styles and finishes are discussed. We then design your project and offer a 3D look as to what your space will look like once the units have been installed.

Our aim is to focus on just as many projects as we can manage, ensuring the best in customer service.

Our installation team will then take over, with over 20 years experience and an eye for detail, we will make sure your project takes form. Our fitters and their assistants are in constant contact with both the customer, and the designers to make sure the installation goes forward seamlessly. The respective designer will also make numerous site visits to make sure there are no oversights, and you the customer have your expectations met and exceeded.

We look forward to working on YOUR project, whether it be a simple vanity, or an entire home